Meet our Team

Miss Narh is an entrepreneur. She became a member of the Rheumatology Initiative's patients support group Rheusolute, after being diagnosed with Lupus in 2014. She later volunteered as the Administrative Assistant for the organisation and has been dedicated to it's core mandate since. Her goal is to raise awareness while offering hope of an ever possible remission.
Angela is currently with Civil Service and owner of Berk's Homemade Foods. She was diagnosed in 2015 and joined the Rheumatology Initiative in 2015. She is the group leader for the Global Lupus Outstanding Warriors (G.L.O.W) made up of person living with Lupus. Her goal is to motivate and inspire Warriors so they are not limited by their condition.
Nii Ankrah currently works as the manager of Liberty Medical Lab korle bu and is our Support group manager as well as our volunteer coordinator at tRi. Though not a sufferer, his experience with his niece who is a sufferer motivated him to join tRi. One of the original founding members, it his goal for tRi to find a permanent solution to autoimmune conditions
Sauda is a nurse who works at the Rheumatology Clinic of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. One of the first members of tRi, she is also our support group membership coordinator. Her vision is for all people living with autoimmune rheumatic conditions reach remission or find a cure
Tamakloe -, aka Ziarly is a graphic designer and a creative . He runs his own graphic design studio, The DesignCan. He is also the creative director for tRi. He joined the organization in 2014 and his aim is to make tRi the go to charity for everything autoimune in Africa
Franklin is the Venture Program Associate at Harambeans, an Alliance of determined African entrepreneurs, who have pledged to work together as one to enable Africa reach it's boundless potential. He joined The Rheumatology Initiative (tRi) in 2015 after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and now heads it’s subgroup, the Global Rheumatoid Arthritis Support and Platforms (GRASP). His vision is to see that autoimmune diseases warriors are well informed, receive needed treatment, and achieve remission.