The Global Empowered Myositis MCTD Survivors (GEMMS) is a subgroup under the Rheumatology Initiative. The acronym GEMMS means precious stone, something rare and of great value. We are empowered because we desire to always learn more and have valuable information about our conditions that makes us survivors. Our colours are Turquoise Blue and Purple. Purple is often associated with royalty nobility luxury power and ambition. It also inspires imagination and dreams. Turquoise blue represents refreshing, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, tranquility joy love and loyalty. It has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. It calms body and mind. Our Symbol is a DragonFly. Why a Dragonfly? Dragonflies have some challenges with walking despite having six legs. It’s almost like the have health problems and struggles that hinder their movement, just like an MTCD, HSMN, Fibromyalgia or Myositis sufferer. However, despite the “disability “, dragonflies are one of the fastest flying insects in the world. Their swift and fast movements during flight is what sufferers hope to achieve (ease of movement) with the help of medication and treatment. We celebrate our day on the 12th of May. We hope to be able to create as much awareness as possible with your help.