The Global Lupus Outstanding Warriors is a sub-group under The Rheumatology Initiative (tRi). In line with the aim of the parent group to increase awareness, provide information, tips and the latest advances in the care of people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, GLOW’s focus, is on LUPUS. GLOW’s logo, has a purple butterfly. Purple represents courage and endurance and it’s often associated with royalty, nobility, power and ambition. Lupus patients exhibit the meaning behind the color purple. Although lupus is a cruel and mysterious disease, lupies exhibit strength and endurance in their daily fight against the disease, thus making them OUTSTANDING WARRIORS.
The mascot for lupus is the butterfly because of the butterfly-shaped (malar) rash that often appears on the face of many lupies. Butterflies are beautiful. Even though they begin their lives as crawling caterpillars, they end up soaring to great heights. So is the Lupus Warrior. They live with many challenges but still rise and shine. This inspired the choice of our slogan, “LUPUS, YET WE GLOW”.