The Global Rheumatoid Arthritis Support and Platforms (GRASP) is a subgroup under The Rheumatology Initiative, tRi Ghana. In line with the aim of the parent group to increase awareness, provide information, tips and the latest advances in the care of people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, GRASP’s focus, as it’s name suggests, is on Rheumatoid Arthritis. Our logo is a Phoenix connected at the tail to the international RA ribbon. The Phoenix is a mythical creature best known for its beauty, loyalty, tenacity and stubbornness. Like the mythical Phoenix, RA leaves no visible physical marks (at least for a long time), which makes it an invisible illness. Also, like the Phoenix that is burnt by flame, and reborn from the ash, GRASP members have to contend with aches, fevers and other symptoms in our daily lives. However, we always come back with a stronger and more determined spirit, to not just survive, but to thrive. This inspired the choice of our motto “Rebirth to Remission”. The vision of GRASP is to is to see to it that its members, as well as other people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis are well informed, and receive the needed treatment, have a place they feel understood, accepted and supported to achieve remission.